Replacement Policy

Damage/ Defect Handling

If customer receives a damaged or defective item, customer needs to write us via e-mail ( or contact us via phone (877-720-4058 Ext 7) within 72 hours after delivery. We will request information such as the order number, item code, tracking number and customer day time phone number to verify our records. A Customer is advised to keep the original packaging until al the issues are resolved. Minor scratches on the bike frame and its parts does not constitute a product as damaged. If any thing is missing from the package, we will send a free replacement part provided the customer faxes or mails us a signed statement stating the item were missing in the package. Inc has the sole right to decide whether a damage claim is filed to the courier service. Once, we receive a damage report, we try to assess if the damage is extensive or minor. In case of any minor damages, we will avoid filing a damage claim to our courier service. Instead,  we will arrange for a replacement part.  We will ship this to the customer at our own expense. Our approach is to save valuable time for all parties involved. For a damage assessment, a customer may be required to provide a digital picture of the damage parts or any other suitable prove. Digital pictures can be sent to with reference to an order number. A digital picture must be received by us within 10 calendar days after delivery or 7 calendar days after the first damage report has been filed, whichever is the earliest. Failure to do so will absolve Inc to honor any damage claim or offer any remedy. In case the customer is not able to provide a digital picture or any suitable prove of the damage parts, a customer will be required to ship back the damage part at their own expense.
If a damage is extensive or irreparable, we will file a claim to the courier service. A customer must make reasonable efforts to have the damage item available for inspection during normal business hours. A replacement will be arranged after the damage claim has been resolved. Normally, a courier services takes  5-15 business days to resolve any damage claim. For international orders, a customer will be responsible to file the claim. Inc will provide any reasonable and viable assistance. For international orders, Inc will not be held responsible for the outcome of the damaged claim. For international orders, shipping charge will apply for any replacement in any case.
If a merchandise is defective, we will arrange for the replacement at our expenses. For defect assessment, we will ask  the customer to provide a digital picture of those damaged parts or any other suitable proof. In case a customer is not able to provide a digital picture or any other suitable proof of  the damage parts, a customer will be required to ship back the damaged part at their own expense.
All replacement are subjected to availability of the parts. If certain parts are not available, a replacement can be delayed as long as 30 to 45 calendar days, starting from the day when a damage report/ defective merchandise report was filed. Replacements will be arranged for defective / damage parts only and not for the whole merchandise. All replacements will be shipped out via the most cost effective way available to us. Inc has the sole right to decide whether a merchandise is defective or damaged during transportation in order to evaluate whether a damage claim be filed with the courier service or not.

In any case, labor charges incurred to the customer are not reimbursable. This includes any labor charges for assembly needs for the original merchandise or the assembly-needs for the replacement parts.

In accordance to above clauses, if we are unable to provide a replacement in the time frame, a customer can cancel his or her order for full a refund including all shipping and handling fee. In accordance to above clauses, if we are capable of providing a replacement within the time frame, and the customer would like to cancel his or her order: this will constitute as a courtesy return and dealt in accordance with it.