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Shop72 - High Quality US State Flags - Virgina Flag - 3x5' - Polyester

  • WIDE selection of US State Flags. High Quality 100D Polyester Material
  • 3X5 Foot Lightweight Polyester Flag with Sharp Vivid Colors
  • 2 Metal Grommets with Canvas Hem for long lasting strength
  • High Quality Silky Polyester Feel allows this flag to wave nicely in the wind
  • These flags are made to be hung inside or outside

Product description

This 3x5' lightweight Polyester Indoor/Outdoor Flag has 2 metal Gromments for easy mounting & a Canvas Hem for long lasting strength. Featuring sharp vivid colors, this flag flies beautifully to showcase your state pride. Also looks great on display in your home. High Quality US State Flags - 100D 3x5 Polyester Flags. This product is imported to USA and contains 100% polyester fiber.

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