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Shop72 - Scooby Doo - Ruh Roh Movie Tin Signs Retro Vintage Hollywood Funny Cartoon Tin Sign - with Sticky Stripes No Damage to Walls

  • Shop72 brings Metal Tin Sign posters of your famous and funny Cartoon Series. Evenly popular in kids, boys, girls, men and women. These tin metal sign are of high quality and will last a long time. Designed with a worn look for a retro touch. Keeping every cartoons details in mind. it will bring smile on your face. 100% Made in USA
  • For the fans of legendary Jelly Stone Yogi Bear,Scooby Dooby Doo and Tom and Jerry. We have new edition in Metal Tin Sign Poster Series. We have different cartoon characters from the past and present including Superman, Looney tunes, Daffy Duck, Betty Poop, Buggs Bunny, Marvin, Yosemite, Sylvester and Tweety and the famous family of The Flintstones etc. All signs are of high quality and very detailed graphics can be observed in all the wall hangings.
  • Each Cartoon picture / figures metal tins signs comic are 16" in length and 12.5" in width. We have collection retrosigns of all legendary cartoon network characters including Flinstones, loony tune, yogi bears and hunting signs, bugs and his hunter, All metal tinsign are of high quality graphics.There may be a slight difference in frame(s) sizes.
  • Hang these man cave tins sign where ever you want: in your dorm rooms / walls, bar, your living room, garage, home ceiling, bedroom, cabin, office, doors or even in the outdoor walls. A perfect gifts for cartoon lovers. Surely they will complement your decor art and will satisfy your decorations instincts.
  • 4 super sticky strips included in every package for easy hanging. No holes, no hooks, no nails, no damage to wall. Easy to remove. A very good replacement of your old stickers. 2 strips are good enough to hold one tin sign. however we are providing each customer with 2 more, for future use.

Product description

These classic Holly wood cartoon characters retro tin sign are entertaining and whimsical. Reminisce about your old childhood cartoons by hanging them on your wall. Great decor with that vintage feel. Hang them in your lounge, garage, dorm, office, bedroom etc. The perfect gift for cartoon aficionados young and old alike. Retro Vintage Tin Sign comes with four super sticky strips for easy hanging. No holes, no nails, no damage to wall. Easy to remove. Two strips are good enough to hold one tin sign. We include two extra free strips for future use. These strip will hold strongly and remove cleanly.

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